Texoma Capital

Working capital solutions for small to midsize businesses across a range of industries.

About Us.

Since 2002, Texoma Capital has helped over 150 small businesses by financing over $1.2BN in working capital. We are a family owned, commercial finance company headquartered in Dallas, TX. We specialize in custom financing solutions that are tailored to accommodate the unique needs of our clients.

Our Approach?

We partner with talented entrepreneurs so that they can finance their 'adolescent' business using a cost effective, debt oriented strategy. This enables our partners to have access to the growth capital they need without diluting their ownership in the business. In turn, we aim to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns.

Unlike much of 'big finance', we have found our approach to result symbiotic relationship for everyone - our partners have excelled at growing their businesses without selling their equity, while Texoma Capital has been able to beat the S&P 500 YoY on a risk adjusted basis.

Our Solutions.

  • Purchase Order (“P.O.”) Financing

    • We can provide you with immediate access to cash to fulfill your orders. With a P.O. financing capital injection, you have the necessary funds to grow your business and overcome issues related to a lack of working capital, supplier credit, or access to traditional bank financing.

  • Inventory Financing

    • Texoma’s inventory financing program enables you to pay upfront for inventory that will not be sold immediately. In addition, it allows you to leverage any existing inventory you may have for immediate liquidity and access to cash to run your business.

  • Accounts Receivable Financing

    • Sell your outstanding receivables for immediate cash in order to have the working capital you need to grow your business. Unlike traditional bank financing, no hard collateral is required and approval is quick and less stringent. Moreover, your access to cash is not constrained by your credit line, as our A/R solutions are tied to your sales (i.e. as your sales volume increases, so does your access to working capital).

  • International Trade Credit

    • Designed for exporters, we offer international trade credit solutions giving you the capital needed to finance your external shipments. With our international trade credit solutions, you can extend credit terms to your customers, boost sales, and finance in transit shipping time.

  • And More

    • Contact us to see if we can structure a financing program that makes sense for both parties.

John Adler, Managing Member

Matt Adler, Managing Member